"The world is mine with prosciutto, cheese and wine."

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Author: Mate Skazlić

How to pair wine and cheese the Croatian way?

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This article is dedicated to all wine and cheese enthusiasts. We will discover ingenious ways of pairing Croatian cheese and wine. By reading gastronomic portals, I noticed a lot of articles about pairing French, Italian and Spanish wines and cheeses. I am aware that these markets are large and that the demand for such articles […]

10 reasons why red wine is good for your health

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Is red wine good for your health? Every wine-enthusiast asks themselves this question at least once a year, as they have one glass (or bottle ?) too much. One Easter, I opened a bottle of Crljenak Kaštelanski by the Matela family and enjoyed it to the last drop. After savouring the wine, my thoughts wandered to […]