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How to pair wine and cheese the Croatian way?

Posted on by Mate Skazlić in
This article is dedicated to all wine and cheese enthusiasts. We will discover ingenious ways of pairing Croatian cheese and wine. By reading gastronomic portals, I noticed a lot of articles about pairing French, Italian and Spanish wines and cheeses. I am aware that these markets are large and that the demand for such articles […]

10 reasons why red wine is good for your health

Posted on by Mate Skazlić in
Is red wine good for your health? Every wine-enthusiast asks themselves this question at least once a year, as they have one glass (or bottle ?) too much. One Easter, I opened a bottle of Crljenak Kaštelanski by the Matela family and enjoyed it to the last drop. After savouring the wine, my thoughts wandered to […]
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Gastro Croatia is a family business in Mali Lošinj, established in 2002. The essence of our family business is to find an answer to the fundamental question - How to provide a true experience of Croatian gastronomy? A true experience must lure all the senses, meaning that at the time you find the golden- green color of the olive oil, sense the smell of the Dalmatian or Istrian prosciutto, feel the taste of the Pag cheese, while hearing the sound of a fine Croatian wine bottle being opened, then you know you have entered the magical world of Croatian gastronomy. Our business concept is based upon the request of You, who want to be introduced to Croatia’s full glory through nature, culture and rich gastronomic tradition. We strive to include gastronomic products from all parts of Croatia, and besides that expand our offerings.